Dr. David Samadi had a Rough Start in Life But Went on to Do Great Things

There are some who have an upbringing that is difficult and that keeps them from being able to do all that they want to do with their life. Dr. David Samadi was the type of man who had a tough start to his life, but he managed to go on and do great things as he grew older. He did not give up on all that he wanted to do, even when times were hard. This man was born in Iran and he was raised in Persia. He had to move away from his parents while he was still young and take care of himself. He did that and went on to receive the schooling that he needed to become a doctor.

When Dr. David Samadi was asked about what it is that inspired him to take on the career that he has chosen, he shared that he always dreamed that he might become a doctor and help people. From the time he was young, he was working toward this goal, even when times were hard for him. He shared that he became excited when he heard about the new developments in the area of robotic surgery and that he wanted to become involved in that. He specialized in prostate treatments, and he wanted to use the robotic surgery advancements to help with the work before him.

Dr. David Samadi was questioned about how he makes money and how he stays grounded in the midst of his stressful life. He shared that he makes money by treating men who have prostate issues. He helps them to find relief from all that they are facing by treating them in a new and advanced way. He shared that he stays grounded by relying on his family. Even when life is stressful for him, his family is there. He finds peace and relief from the stress in his life when he is with his family.

Dr. David Samadi shared in an interview that was done with him how he believes that nurses are important in relation to the career that he has chosen and the area that he practices in, and he shared how he showed appreciation to one of his nurses in recent days. He has come through hard times, and he has an appreciation for his life and for those who are a part of it.


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