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DAMAC Properties are 5 star luxury living properties in Dubai. Every development that DAMAC develops, the theme is pure luxury. Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC Owner. The DAMAC Group also include the high end and extremely luxurious DAMAC Resorts. The DAMAC Hills are an over 40 million square foot string of villas, mansion branded to the company and apartment buildings just to name a few. DAMAC Hills was built around the 18-hole and beautiful Donald Trump International Gold Club Dubai. This was years before Donald Trump became president.


DAMAC Properties began in the year 2002. As most do, Mr. Sajwani drew strength from the Hussain Sajwani family. He has a wife and four children that provided him with great inspiration for the major moves being made by the great Hussain Sajwani billionaire. Hussain Sajwani is a family man and he loves to give back on the DAMAC Group’s food arm. He and his company worked with military Americans worldwide. The work was done during Desert Storm in 1991 to deliver food.


Mr. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington. His first job was a Contract Manager for an oil company. His own catering journey began in 1982. Every great entrepreneurial mind will churn for hour days, month, maybe even years before they eventually make a major change in the world. He had the idea to collaborate and to be one of the first to expand the property market in Dubai. In 2002 DAMAC Properties were born.


Growth for the company is due to Mr. Sajwani’s ability to see what will and or will not happen. Billionaires are not created off of the incorrect mindset. The money may come in hereditarily, yet you have to have the highest money mindset compared to even millionaires. Mr. Sajwani made his way from college with a vision. They have daily prayer time. One must uphold the day to day functionality of the corporation. The Tiger Woods golf course will be managed by the Trump Organization, yet it all sits on DAMAC Properties. Constant moves are called business.


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