Exciting future for Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner and real-estate mogul

Hussain Sajwani, the Dubai-based property mogul, sounds optimistic on the growth trends in the region when interviewed on CNBC recently. The founder and owner of DAMAC Properties discussed various topics including his association with the Trump organization, his plans to sell stake in his company and the property market in Dubai. Founded in 2002, DAMAC is a luxury property development company that has developed residential, commercial and mixed-use projects in places spanning the middle-east region: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. It is also the first real-estate company from the region to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Hussain Sajwani has close ties with Trumps and both have worked on projects together in the past.

Hadley Gamble specifically asked him about any possible threats for his company’s branding given the affiliation with the Trump name. Hussain Sajwani responded confidently, saying it’s business as usual for him. The DAMAC owner is extremely happy with the design, planning and execution of the Trump International Golf Club that opened in February 2017. The award-winning DAMAC Hills development is built around the championship-standard golf course and offers a mix of horizontal and vertical community living.

The DAMAC owner’s expertise and business acumen has won him recognition by Forbes, which has given a top ranking to his company in the Growth Champions List of Fastest Growing Companies. In only 16 years he has achieved worldwide fame, accolades and rewards creating and maintaining spaces that offer aesthetics and style. Optimistic about continued growth in Dubai’s property market, Hussain Sajwani is looking for business opportunities in UK as well. He pointed out that the pound is more reasonably priced now and, with the Brexit, London’s property market is softening providing a major opportunity in real estate there. The DAMAC owner is now planning to sell stake in his company to raise more money.

Hussain Sajwani Combines Business And Philanthropy From His UAE Base

Much is made of the partnership between the U.S. President Donald Trump and United Arab Emirates luxury real estate tycoon Hussain Sajwani but the DAMAC owner is also known throughout the Middle East for his extensive level of philanthropy. Not only has the founder of DAMAC Properties built an impressive company with fingers in many different business pies, he has also worked extensively with the Red Crescent humanitarian group to ensure millions of children and low-income families around the world have access to the food, heat, and clothing needed for the harsh Winter months in the desert.


From his base in the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani has become one of the leading members of the community of the country with close ties to many of the leading figures in the Royal Family of the nation. Over the course of his career, Hussain Sajwani has spent a large amount of his time seeking to build on his own business dreams which he feels should be followed if he wishes to expand upon the business he has built with more than $4 billion in personal wealth now estimated to be attributed to the DAMAC owner by Forbes.


Now ranked by Forbes as one of the top ten richest Arabs according to the annual list produced by the financial magazine, Hussain Sajwani is looking to the future and expanding his business empire around the world by assisting in the development of the “One Million Arab Coders” program. One of the many impressive philanthropic efforts of the DAMAC owner, Sajwani has contributed to this UAE government-sponsored effort to create up to one million computer programmers over the course of the next decade with prizes for those classed as the best of the best. Hussain Sajwani is also known for his regular contributions to the annual Ramadan philanthropic program leading to the provision of food and clothing for low-income families in the harsh Winter months of the Middle East.

AvaTrade Review, Fiscal Analysis

AvaTrade is an exchange that is widely known as legitimate and professional in their standards and policies. They have been and are currently being looked over by a bank located in the heart of Ireland. There are many questions surrounding the validity and legitimacy of this firm and the truth of the matter is that AvaTrade is a wonderful opportunity and doorway to financial freedom for those willing to leap into the depths of volatile risk and know how to manage that uncertain risky business indefinitely in their favor.

The broker is not only regulated and authorized by certified onlookers in Dublin, but they are reputable among the traders who speak well of their practices and benefits when it comes down to investing one’s capital to reap ROIs far beyond comprehension. Speaking of a return on investment, AvaTrade is well known for their yields and low entry fees. It will cost an even one hundred dollars to start compounding one’s gains with AvaTrade which is significantly lower than the $100 minimum requirement that other brokers charge to their clientele to start trading.

This low expense to get involved with AvaTrade can be coupled with a cocktail of possessing the ability to gain four hundred times the profit invested by the individual. This can compound rapidly in the account of someone who knows what they are doing. AvaTrade is also compatible with such programs like MetaTrader 4 and AvaOptions which allows the trader to place an option that comes over the counter. Probably the most important aspect of AvaTrade is that they consistently and with stability pay out funds to their prospects and allow traders to withdrawal money from their individual accounts, which adds to the validity, honesty, and integrity of AvaTrade as a whole.

Frontera Fund Helps DACA Recipients

The United States has always stood firm, and proud of the governmental rights provide for it’s people. For more than 100 years, it has been the melting pot of the world where people from many countries have been made to feel welcome. These people have lived and worked in the United States. They have raised their families, and been productive citizens, with many earning their citizenship. Here in this country, they were not seen as foreigners who were here to invade on a certain culture. They just wanted to maintain their own cultural values, and to be treated with respect.

There have been some controversial issues surrounding some of these cultures of late. They are no longer sure of whether or not they have a life here in this country. There has been much talk of deportation, and building walls, that it is hard to feel comfortable any more. Many organizations and individuals who advocate for the civil, human, and immigrant rights of people have become actively involved in protesting the current decisions being made by Republican lawmakers and politicians in some states. The DACA program, which is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is one organization that is coming under scrutiny.

DACA provides youth who have no documentation, but who meet certain requirements, amnesty against deportation. They are allowed to get social security numbers, work in the United States, and get a drivers license in some states. Some are even eligible to access college tuition fees in the state in which the reside. These opportunities are renewable every two years. The GOP extremist members are launching attacks against DACA. The attorney general of Texas went so far as to send a letter to the President and his administration requesting an end to the DACA program. He threatened to pursue legal action if this was not done by September 5.

The oppositions to DACA are not expecting this to happen abruptly, but they do want any new applications not to be considered, and for there to be no renewals for those currently in the program. The letter sent by the Texas attorney general was also signed by eight other attorney generals and one governor. The Secretary of Homeland Security met in a closed meeting with the Hispanic Caucus and stated that there are already many legal cases challenging the program that protects more than eight hundred thousand individuals. Organizations are gearing up to defend the DACA program, and the rights of the people involved.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are rendering the service of their Frontera Fund, which was established to help protect the First Amendment Rights of individuals.They are providing guidance, information, and assistance to help in the fight to protect DACA.

These two journalists are very adamant about advocating for those who have little to no voice, and can not be heard by those in political positions. This is a fight for justice that will not end in a matter of days, or even weeks, but the people will be heard.


End Citizens United: Ending The Influence Of Big Money

Although the issue is first raised immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision in the court case of Citizens United versus the Federal election commission, there has still been no conclusion to the influence of big money in politics. Across the nation, there has been growing sentiment that corporate mega-donors are having undue influence on our nation’s politicians.

In response to this growing unrest political action committee End Citizens, United was formed on March 1, 2015. Under the combined leadership of Tiffany Muller and Matt Burgess, the organization has since grown to encompass more than 3 million members and has managed to generate over $60 million in political campaign contributions.

In an effort to demonstrate the power of grassroots political campaigning processes the organization is ready to endorse a number of new senatorial members for the midterm elections in 2018. Two such senators that have followed in the footsteps of their forerunners have taken a public oath to reject corporate mega-donors donations from special interest groups and corporate political action committees. Over 100 other Democrats have made a similar statement in the last three years. Members of Congress that are running the challenge recipients of donations from corporate mega-donors include Randy Bryce who is challenging speaker of the house Paul Ryan in Wisconsin and Representative Beto O’Rourke who is challenging Texan Sen. Ted Cruz.

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In this nation’s political climate one may be tempted to say that politicians who refuse to receive donations of operations are the underdogs would be surprised to see the momentum that End Citizens United has managed to create. Through the combined efforts of the organization’s members across the country, several candidates have managed to raise significantly more money than their rivals who are sponsored by corporations. By campaigning on platforms of campaign-finance reform politicians across the nation are making a public statement that they are there to serve their constituents and not the interests of corporations. As the issue of campaign finance reform is growing ever closer to the forefront of American politics, especially with individuals who label themselves as independents, End Citizens United believes that their endorsement of political candidates who are in favor of campaign-finance reform will defeat their opposition.

While current Republican president Donald Trump campaigned on an anti-establishment message, his policies may not necessarily reflect his promises. Individuals who are receiving endorsements from End Citizens United are not just capitalizing on the sentiment of the American populace but are campaigning with intent to enact meaningful legislation that will reform the way campaign financing is ran in our country. In 2018 about 70 candidates that are running for public office have made public statements declaring an absolute rejection of corporate donations in comparison to the only three candidates did the same in 2016.

The Trabuco; An Ancient Siege Master

Designed to fling large weights in enemy walls and fortifications, the Trabuco was the perfect siege machine demolishing and collapsing fortress structures by five hits. Though history debates about its origin, the Chinese are the people who discovered the Trabuco. It could hurl 140 kilograms of weights at high speeds over a distance of 800 meters.

Working in the same way as an improved sling, the structure is composed of a long piece of wood levered on a motor. The sling was tied to the extended part of the lever, while a stabilizer would hold firm the shorter side. For it to have more power, people would pull strings attached to the weight. It required about 250 individuals to operate a Trabuco which necessitated developments.

From Asia, the Trabuco entered Europe and was greatly used during crusades. It was the Vikings who used it first before it got to Germany and later France when the Vikings attacked Paris. For over 700 years, the Trabuco was a feared war machine as it terrorized opponents by firing projectiles. The Arabs modified it, giving it more stability and capacity to throw over a ton of weight in the 13 century according to wordreference.com. They added weight on the lever increasing the distance of projectiles.

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Apart from throwing stones, the Trabuco was one of the first machines to be used for chemical warfare. During the Middle Ages, it would be loaded with sick animals and dead human beings, who would be thrown into sieged enemies. The animals would spread the diseases and war would be won.

The last known warfare involving the Trabuco was by Herman Cortez when he conquered the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan according to sinonimos.com.br. It is thought that he lacked gunpowder which by then had been discovered and opted to use the Trabuco. In 1779, British troops constructed a Trabuco when they had limited firearms in defending the Strait of Gibraltar against Spain. The Trabuco was outdated after the discovery of cannons and gunpowder.

In 2013, rebel troops in Syria Civil War were recorded using a counterweight Trabuco in defence against government troops projecting explosives at police. Again, during the anti-protest laws in Ukraine, people used Trabuco to fire Molotov cocktails and bricks. Apart from these two cases, Trabuco is often found built by hobbyists and medieval connoisseurs.

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