Michael Lacey-The Mathematics Promoter

Michael Lacey career path is bright having graduated from Texas University and later progressed to Ph.D. from Illinois-Champaign University. Becoming a professor and mentor is mathematics. He teaches mathematics at the Georgia Institutes of Technology and he boasts of having over 100 publications on his own and others with collaboration with other mathematics professors. Michael Lacey born in 1956 September 26th in America prides in being genius on math subject, and during his doctorate thesis, he managed to solve the problematic iterated logarithm of law for the characteristics of the empirical functions. The solution to this problem was under the Banach spaces and directly linked to the topic of probability that is shunned away by students. He later proved his love for math by working on the probability of ergodic theory dealing with its significant area of the harmonic analysis.


Michael Lacey first workstation was at North Carolina University at the Chapel Hill, and later he moved to the University of the Louisiana State. During his working time, Michael connected with Walter Philip, and the duo managed to get evidence and possible ways of solving the central limit theorem and it was a definite win. Michael Lacey pursued his fellowship while still lecturing at Indiana University and received his postal doctorate fellow in 1996. And during his studies he researched more on the bilinear Hilbert’s transforms. Coincidently the transform was at a standstill with a different mathematician Albert Calderon, and in 1996 Christoph Thiele and Lacey solved this hard transform and awarded the generous Salem Prize.


Michael Lacey loves lecturing, and he mixes practical and theory explainer to give his students a more natural way of understanding the subject. He is senior math lecturer at Georgia Institutions of Technology, and in 2004 together with Xiaochun Li, they were awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2012 Michael Lacey became part of the esteemed American Mathematical Society playing a prominent role in sponsoring students who are keen on pursuing math as a career. The society has a group of professional mathematicians with common agenda of researching on mathematical formulas and other scholarships that serves the interest of the world through their publications advocacy and journals.


Michael Lacey also has a privilege of writing various books that are well featured in the market and gives a clear guide on the subject of math. Additionally, Lacey has authored many mathematics and physics articles and directed various training grants like VIGRE Awards and the MCTP.

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