Makeup Tips From Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This proverb focuses on the inner beauty rather than the superficial outside. Not along ago, many people would agree with it. But in today’s world, outer beauty not only represents someone’s body features and health but is a showcase of that person’s confidence level. Doe Deere, the pioneer in the modern day cosmetic industry, completely agrees with this notion. That’s why she has come up with many latest trends in style and beauty products. She has opened a number of businesses related to fashion and conducted workshops on styling, showing various tips and tricks. Among all her accomplishments, one thing stands out well in her years of dedication to the beauty industry – her makeup skill. And she has some incredible secrets that she wants to reveal to her fan base.

According to Doe Deere, wearing bold lips with bold eyes is one success move. She urges her followers to break the rule of wearing light makeup for casual occasions. Bold colors tend to change the entire look if they are done correctly, she says. Giving some extra hue to the eyes with dark brown enhances the look as well. In her many workshops, blogs and interviews, she shows how to wear eyelashes in a natural way without decreasing the effect of bold makeup. Then there are colors that is suitable for lips, cheeks and eyes that shouldn’t be interchanged. Doe Deere recommends to stick with brown and black for eye color in her videos and blogs.

Another bold suggestion offered by Doe Deere is to not wear only a limited number colors and patterns. It is fine to experiment with many different colors as long as they create coordination with the outfit you are wearing. That compatibility is a must. As you consider this new trend, it is important to also create a focal point with a matching accessory. One good example is to wear a pair of colorful socks with open-toed shoes, where the colors are matching with either makeup, outfit or both. Otherwise, stick with the monotone colors you look best in.

Vijay Eswaran Offers Tips to Becoming Successful at Whatever One Decides to Do

The popularity of Vijay Eswaran as a businessman is well-known in Malaysia and is the founder of the multi-million dollar conglomerate QI Group of Industries. Vijay Eswaran started QI Group of Industries due to his love for multi-level marketing. The company soon expanded to many different niches, including real-estate, manufacturing, luxury products, retail, publishing, and more. Vijay Eswaran completed his studies in the United States and the United Kingdom and worked many different jobs in parts of Europe, including working as a cabbie.

Vijay Eswaran has gained much fame these days due to the books he has written on spirituality and encouragement for the younger generation. Vijay Eswaran believes that one of the crucial aspects of lives is to have inner peace and he has mentioned ways in his books through which one can achieve that. In his book named Two Minutes from the Abyss, Vijay Eswaran has mentioned about how one can productively manage their life and time. There are many problems that an entrepreneur face while transforming their dream into reality, and there are many common mistakes they make as well. Vijay Eswaran helps by mentioning about his life experiences in his books, so that young entrepreneurs can learn from his struggle and experiences.

Vijay Eswaran had believed that it is only the people in the executive position that are successful. But, as he grew older, he came to know about MLM companies and changed his notion. He knew that it is all about working smart rather than working hard. He also helps others as one always has something to learn from others whether they are in a higher position than you or at a lower one. It is essential to get good tips from others about how to conduct your business and grow without letting ego coming in the way.

Other artists can emulate Alex Pall and achieve success

The music industry is not easy to achieve success, and if you are not dedicated, you can be frustrated and quit. Those starting their music career can learn from some of the most successful individuals in the music industry who started from a humble background, but they have ended up becoming great. An example is the Chainsmokers bad which consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Beginning in 2014, they have achieved a lot in the musical journey with songs life Selfie attracting a massive following from interested fans. They have also drawn some of the big names in the industry like Halsey who they featured in a track called ‘Closer.’

It is a track that features the talented Andrew Taggart unlike the past songs like Don’t Let Me Down and Roses. Taggart has been branded as a participant with talent. He is an artist who can sing to the crowd even when he is alone. Alex Pall and Andrew have been writing their unique songs and personalizing them through dance. They do this because their primary aim is to offer the best to their fans and they also want to attract international recognition. They know there are other famous musicians too, but they want to stand out from the crowd by offering not unique but outstanding music to their fans worldwide. That is why they have been incorporating human elements when entertaining the crowd.

Alex Pall is a lover of music, and it started when he was working as a part-time DJ during the night and undertaking his professional job during the day. Being a DJ was his hobby when he was growing up, and he had developed some skills that he would use later to earn some additional income. He was working on different night gigs in New York City at the same time concentrating on his successful career where he was working for an art gallery. But he was passionate about pursuing his music dreams, and soon he quit his job to pursue music on a full-time basis. It is after he met another talented guy with similar visions called Andrew Taggart.