Academy Of Art University Finds The Link Between Art & Athletes

The vast majority of us would believe that there’s virtually no overlap between art and athletes. After all, the majority of entertainment media has always claimed that the two are opposites. However, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has found that it’s the opposite that’s true. This is because the Academy of Art University has few a few different areas where both pursuits have a significant amount of overlap. It also found that much of this overlap has been focused on the development of a few specific skills. Chief among these is time management, which the Academy has claimed both pursuits need an extensive amount of.

For example, athletes need to find the time to train, go to matches and exercise on a regular basis, while also balancing the rest of their family and social lives. For artists, this also means devoting a significant amount of time to artistic endeavors while balancing the rest of their lives. Furthermore, both pursuits help the participants develop the ability to handle criticism. With athletes, this may come in the form of how they can do better while playing. Artists, on the other hand, may be compared to peers and have flaws and mistakes pointed out.

As a result, the Academy of Art University has noted handling this criticism in a positive way becomes an important aspect of their lives. On top of this, both pursuits encourage a healthy sense of ambition in their participants, albeit in drastically different ways. That being said, though, both art and athletics encourage participants to improve and better themselves in certain ways. With athletes, it can be in the form of getting faster or stronger, while artists will strive to become more talented with a brush.

The Academy of Art University takes quite an innovative approach when it comes to teaching. With their hands-on, practical approach to learning, the University allows students to develop the skills needed for their career, while also obtaining the knowledge needed to succeed. Furthermore, the University has also partnered with a variety of brands that have hired and mentored many of the University’s students and graduates.

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