Steve Lesnard, Digitalized Marketing

Digital and online platforms have changed the way brands market their products. Most businesses are now focused on marketing their products on social media platforms and using digital mediums instead of traditional outdoor advertising and word of mouth. The use of digital mediums for advertising has numerous benefits. However, Steve Lesnard believes that not every brand knows how to use these digital mediums for effective marketing. Most brands do not leverage digital mediums properly, and this does not produce positive effects for the brands. Steve Lesnard believes the brands that leverage digital mediums properly are those that place the needs of the consumers first and the only priority. Also, brands that use a clear strategy that outlays clear benefits are often successful.

Steve Lesnard has come up with two principles that brands can use to leverage digital mediums effectively. The following are the two principles.

  1. Keep it simple to make it memorable

A good marketing strategy is one that is simple and understandable. A brand should aim at having a clear strategy where the story is right, and consumers can easily comprehend it. Most consumers go for products that have outlined clear benefits and use simple slogans that are memorable. Simple slogans are more memorable because they are short and straight to the point. The slogan also communicates to consumers the value of the product and what they receive from purchasing it. An exceptional example of a brand that has used this principle is iPod through their slogan.

  1. Bring it to life, Make it real

This principle focuses on the consumer and Steve Lesnard advices brands to bring their products to life. Some of the elements that a brand can focus on to bring a product to life include how to use it, what it does and how does it look on the body. For instance, if one is marketing coolers, the video production needs to show how the consumer would use it in their day to day life. This means showing how it can cool and warm water and how one can enjoy cold water after a long day. This alone brings the product to life.

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