Steve Lesnard, Digitalized Marketing

Digital and online platforms have changed the way brands market their products. Most businesses are now focused on marketing their products on social media platforms and using digital mediums instead of traditional outdoor advertising and word of mouth. The use of digital mediums for advertising has numerous benefits. However, Steve Lesnard believes that not every brand knows how to use these digital mediums for effective marketing. Most brands do not leverage digital mediums properly, and this does not produce positive effects for the brands. Steve Lesnard believes the brands that leverage digital mediums properly are those that place the needs of the consumers first and the only priority. Also, brands that use a clear strategy that outlays clear benefits are often successful.

Steve Lesnard has come up with two principles that brands can use to leverage digital mediums effectively. The following are the two principles.

  1. Keep it simple to make it memorable

A good marketing strategy is one that is simple and understandable. A brand should aim at having a clear strategy where the story is right, and consumers can easily comprehend it. Most consumers go for products that have outlined clear benefits and use simple slogans that are memorable. Simple slogans are more memorable because they are short and straight to the point. The slogan also communicates to consumers the value of the product and what they receive from purchasing it. An exceptional example of a brand that has used this principle is iPod through their slogan.

  1. Bring it to life, Make it real

This principle focuses on the consumer and Steve Lesnard advices brands to bring their products to life. Some of the elements that a brand can focus on to bring a product to life include how to use it, what it does and how does it look on the body. For instance, if one is marketing coolers, the video production needs to show how the consumer would use it in their day to day life. This means showing how it can cool and warm water and how one can enjoy cold water after a long day. This alone brings the product to life.

Mathew Fleeger: The Face behind the Growth and Expansion of Gulf Coast Western Limited

Mathew Fleeger commonly appears on some of the top-most lists that contain business professionals who have excelled in their areas of expertise. It is his role in the growth and expansion of Gulf Coast Western that has brought him to the limelight. Gulf Coast Western Limited is a Joint Venture organization that is highly involved in oil and gas exploration. The company has recorded significant growth rates over the last few years, which can only be associated with his input.

As the chief executive officer and the president of the exploration company, Mathew Fleeger is highly respected due to his know-how in the oil and gas industries. He has been in this industry for several decades, which means that he knows ins and outs of the business. His expertise in the oil and gas industry can be measured by the fact that Gulf Coast Western has been in this industry for longer period and only records profits in each year.

Gulf Coast Western, under the guidance of Mathew Fleeger has been able to expand its operations from Texas to other parts of the United States. The company, which started its operations in 1970, has been moving from one oil field area to the other, with the aim of acquiring large parcels of land that could enhance its wealth and operational capabilities. Moreover, the company has been able to acquire significant stakes in other oil and gas exploration companies.

Mathew Fleeger does not only have expertise in oil and gas industry but is also well-versed in operations in other sectors around the world. He has significant knowledge in the management of a company through formulation and implementation of long term strategic plans. It is through excellent and knowledgeable organizational management skills that Fleeger has been able to expand Gulf Coast Western to other regions around the country.

Academy Of Art University Finds The Link Between Art & Athletes

The vast majority of us would believe that there’s virtually no overlap between art and athletes. After all, the majority of entertainment media has always claimed that the two are opposites. However, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has found that it’s the opposite that’s true. This is because the Academy of Art University has few a few different areas where both pursuits have a significant amount of overlap. It also found that much of this overlap has been focused on the development of a few specific skills. Chief among these is time management, which the Academy has claimed both pursuits need an extensive amount of.

For example, athletes need to find the time to train, go to matches and exercise on a regular basis, while also balancing the rest of their family and social lives. For artists, this also means devoting a significant amount of time to artistic endeavors while balancing the rest of their lives. Furthermore, both pursuits help the participants develop the ability to handle criticism. With athletes, this may come in the form of how they can do better while playing. Artists, on the other hand, may be compared to peers and have flaws and mistakes pointed out.

As a result, the Academy of Art University has noted handling this criticism in a positive way becomes an important aspect of their lives. On top of this, both pursuits encourage a healthy sense of ambition in their participants, albeit in drastically different ways. That being said, though, both art and athletics encourage participants to improve and better themselves in certain ways. With athletes, it can be in the form of getting faster or stronger, while artists will strive to become more talented with a brush.

The Academy of Art University takes quite an innovative approach when it comes to teaching. With their hands-on, practical approach to learning, the University allows students to develop the skills needed for their career, while also obtaining the knowledge needed to succeed. Furthermore, the University has also partnered with a variety of brands that have hired and mentored many of the University’s students and graduates.

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Boraie Development Collaborates With Shaquille O’Neal to Open a High-Rise Apartment

In 2018, Boraie Development LLC announced that it had teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal, a renowned basketball star, and Goldman Sachs to construct a high-rise apartment at Newark, the largest city in New Jersey.

Known as Shaq Tower, the $ 79 million joint projects will have 22 stories with over 168 units that will be used for different retail and residential purposes. Shaq Tower will be one of the tallest skylines in Newark.

“I was born and raised in Newark. It is the reason why I want to make it more beautiful,” said O’Neal. O’Neal was in the company of Gov. Phil Murphy, and Mayor Ras Baraka while making the announcement.

The project will be supervised by real estate experts from Boraie Development LLC, a reputable firm that specializes in urban real estate. The firm focuses on property management, property development, and marketing.

Boraie Development LLC has been managing The Aspire, a luxury apartment located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The apartment has 238 residential units that house hundreds of people, and a modern fitness center.

Moreover, The Aspire Luxury Apartment has a rooftop sundeck, a parking area, and a bike store. It is adjacent to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, New Brunswick Train Station, and favorite entertainment joints, and shopping centers.


Article Title: Insights into how Igor Cornelsen became a veteran in investment banking

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Igor Cornelsen is a seasoned financial expert and consultant. He is originally from Curitiba, a small town in Brazil. He has vast experience in matters of finance and banking. Igor Cornelsen has built a career working for various companies within his home country and overseas. Having worked for numerous organizations, he finally managed to set up his consulting practice.

Igor Cornelsen’s journey to success

Igor Cornelsen academic background is mainly engineering and economics both of which made him good with numbers. He is an alma mater of the Federal University of Parana, one of the best universities in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen joined his institution while it was still young with minimal programmes.

He enrolled in engineering only to change when an economics course was introduced. During his years in school, he developed a passion for financial matters and when he graduated, he was immediately hired by a local investment bank. From that moment, things began to change for him because at the time, people with his academic background ideal candidates for jobs in banks.

After some time, he moved to Rio to work for Multibanco. In two years, Igor Cornelsen was made a member of the board. When he rose to the position of chief executive officer, Multibanco was acquired by Bank of America. Igor Cornelsen took that as an opportunity to sign a contract with Unibanco, one of the best performing firms at the time.

This professional had become experienced in this sector, and by the time Libra Bank PLC approached him, he quickly accepted the offer. Working for this company turned out to be the best decision he’s ever made as his salary rose significantly.

Igor Cornelsen was able to start investing through buying stocks from various establishments. He later quit and started his company which offers investment solutions to clients. Currently, this investment banker also works as a consultant for new businesses.

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How Gino Pozzo Changes The Game

The owner of Watford FC, Gino Pozzo has been a well talked about man for quite some time now. That’s because of his talent for taking lackluster teams and making them something to talk about, especially in their own home countries. Essentially making him a sort of house flipper but for football clubs. Coming from the Pozzo family who are known Football enthusiasts, Gino comes out as somewhat of a family prodigy as he has successfully masterminded his family’s scouting model. A model that has successfully groomed clubs for the better since back in 1993 when Gino Pozzo joined Udinese and ended up turning the club around.

In 2009, when in Barcelona, Gino was the main man when it came to the Pozzo family acquiring Granada FC during a time when the club was facing massive debt and a struggling career. After the club’s acquisition by Pozzo and give Gino direct influence over the club’s operations and such, they went from Segunda B to Primera Liga in about two years, adding another accomplishment to Gino’s name.

In 2012, the Pozzo family acquired Watford FC, another club deep in debt and have been stuck in a lower division and struggling since the 1980s. Pozzo approached Watford with big hopes, claiming this to be his family’s best future project as they’re focusing on a long-haul for Watford FC and trust that there will be great success with the organization because they see great potential in it. Four years later, Watford FC found themselves rising from the Fourth Division up to the Premiere League, currently the most prestigious football league.

Gino Pozzo has come on to the field of FC management with a new, improved gameplan than the usual tactics and he will most likely continue to flip football clubs for the better.

Article Title: Heather Parry: The Industry’s Music Film Guru

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When asked about entertainment executive Heather Parry, Sean “Diddy” Combs beamed, “She is brilliant, driven and hungry to do big things.” And he’s not alone in his praise. A laser-focused workaholic, movie producer Parry is known in the industry for consistently surpassing expectations.

Heather Parry: Early Career

Heather Parry launched her entertainment career at MTV News. During a 12-year tenure at the network, she climbed the ranks to west coast bureau chief. In 2005, she made a vertical career leap to Happy Madison Productions as head of film. While there, Parry produced fan favorites like “The House Bunny” and “Just Go with It.”

Heather Parry: The Happy Madison Years

Parry helped Happy Madison profit until 2015 when Live Nation Entertainment poached her to run its new film and entertainment division. At the time, industry outlets commented that Parry’s ascent to Live Nation happened without much fanfare.

Heather Parry

But the Pennsylvania-native quickly proved that a lack of pomp doesn’t amount to a lack of productivity.

Under her leadership, in just three short years, Parry produced memorable films including “Gaga: Five Foot Two” and the Sean Combs’s vehicle “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story.” She also worked closely with Colin Hanks on “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis,” a moving documentary that catches up with the band after its 2015 tragedy.

Heather Parry: “A Star is Born”

Recently, Parry served as executive producer on the award-winning 2018 remake of “A Star is Born.” After hearing about the project, she immediately tracked down Bradley Cooper’s agent Dave Bugliari — who was skiing at the time — and explained how Live Nation could provide unrivaled promotional opportunities. Ultimately, Team Cooper agreed, and the partnership fueled the film to box office glory.

Parry is an experienced industry player who regularly turns notional dreams into reality. She’s an expert at leveraging long-fostered connections to create synergistic alliances that maximize exposure and expand global audiences.


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The fulfilling career of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert studied at Universite de Montréal where he earned his bachelor of commerce in production management. Since leaving university, Louis has had several prominent jobs. He joined general motors as his first job. He worked as a production manager for fourteen years after which he joined Pratt & Whitney.

In 1999 he was promoted to the president of Pratt & Whitney were served until March 2006. After this, he started working as a director at United technologies. He quickly advanced his career and became president and CEO in April 2008.

The Canadian businessman has also had several roles to play in different boards. He joined the board of Cargill Inc. In June 2011 and is still a member up to date. At HEC’s international advisory board of Montreal Louis Chenevert serves as its chairman. Apart from being the founder of Friends of HEC Montreal, he also chairs the board.

Many top managers have to come up with ways of improving their business performance. One of the commonly ignored factors that greatly contribute to business performance is the employees. Louis Chenevert was a wise leader who never looked down on the impact of his employees.

When serving as the president of United Technologies, he came up with a lifelong learning program for employees’.Under his leadership, the stock prices of United Technologies tripled up. The employee scholarly program he created was for any of his employee who wanted to achieve a degree in any field. The organization would then finance the employee’s full tuition bill.

The program saw that 39000 degrees had been achieved by the employees and the organization spent around one billion on this project. The project might have seemed like an additional expense to the company but Louis Chenevert knew that by educating the employees he was improving their skills.

By having new degrees in the company it would enable the company to hire or give promotions from within the company. Hiring from the company would reduce the training expense since the employees already know some information on the company.

Impressionable facts about Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson has brought a new face in the world of music. The duo is a successful sound engineer, and he has continued to succeed in his career over the years thanks to the significant commitment that he has shown. Besides being confident, Hutson is also known for his innovative nature and ability to come you with excellent strategies to ensure that he meets the needs of his customers based on the nature of music that they want. Clayton Hutson ability to relate well with his clients has also done him good and boosted his career.

The duo has also combined his expertise with his knowledge in entrepreneurship. He seeks to help his clients come up with better music based on the various trends that keep emerging over time. Besides, he aims to bring perfection in his entire career and through the various exploration that he does, he has continued to engage with other people that have made it in the industry to ensure that he changes the world of, music through his innovative strategies. The duo has also earned a lot of respect due to his ability to encourage his clients that may show signs of discouragements or slow down in their music. His continuous efforts and ability to pay attention to various aspects of music has also ensured that he keeps ahead of other people that show interest in the industry.

Clayton Hutson has always focused towards increasing production in the entire industry, and through the many years he has worked in the field, he has already adopted great ways of helping artist boost their careers through avoiding engaging in issues that see them interfere with their name in the industry. Besides, he also encourages the artist to ensure that they learn from each other as he believes that through doing so, they get to fully understand their problem areas to make corrections on the various issues that they do not handle in the right way. His perseverance and ability to maintain a humble and positive attitude has also boosted his entire career and enabled him to emerge to be a successful individual of all time.

Word Of Mouth Was Vital For Jojo Hedaya And

The decision to drop out of college and begin a new business is not one the entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya took lightly, but it was one he threw himself into at full force. Jojo Hedaya was just a few months short of completing his degree at Brooklyn College when he dropped out after hitting on the idea for with business partner Josh Rosenwald. Steering clear of the traditional ideas of starting a business has served Hedaya well over his short career. Instead, he trusts his instincts and looks to carve out a new path for those who follow into the startup sector.


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During his time at Brooklyn College, Jojo Hedaya had become one of the most important members of the student body reaching the position of Student Government Vice-President. After struggling to find emails from his friend and potential business partner, Rosenwald, Jojo Hedaya decided to create a new service designed to provide a single message containing all the subscribed emails arriving in his inbox. Just two months after starting their business, Hedaya and Rosenwald released the first version of their email subscription service to great fanfare in publications such as LifeHacker and The Next Web.

Long hours were spent perfecting an alpha version which Jojo Hedaya now admits did not work well but raised the profile of the startup and attracted serious investment. Upon reaching one million subscribers, the New York resident and the partner he met during a study abroad trip to Israel decided to sell their company. Hedaya decided to remain with the company and help guide it into the future because of his love for the company he helped create.

Pushing himself to achieve success has driven Jojo Hedaya to find new success with and led to his decision to take on speaking engagements with startup exhibitions and gatherings. Building without the aid of outside investors has given Jojo Hedaya the ability to rely on his own instincts and stretch a little to achieve a lot. Even with the backing of the giant Slice Corporation, Hedaya and Rosenwald refuse to change their outlook on how the company should be run for maximum success.