Article Title: Insights into how Igor Cornelsen became a veteran in investment banking

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Igor Cornelsen is a seasoned financial expert and consultant. He is originally from Curitiba, a small town in Brazil. He has vast experience in matters of finance and banking. Igor Cornelsen has built a career working for various companies within his home country and overseas. Having worked for numerous organizations, he finally managed to set up his consulting practice.

Igor Cornelsen’s journey to success

Igor Cornelsen academic background is mainly engineering and economics both of which made him good with numbers. He is an alma mater of the Federal University of Parana, one of the best universities in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen joined his institution while it was still young with minimal programmes.

He enrolled in engineering only to change when an economics course was introduced. During his years in school, he developed a passion for financial matters and when he graduated, he was immediately hired by a local investment bank. From that moment, things began to change for him because at the time, people with his academic background ideal candidates for jobs in banks.

After some time, he moved to Rio to work for Multibanco. In two years, Igor Cornelsen was made a member of the board. When he rose to the position of chief executive officer, Multibanco was acquired by Bank of America. Igor Cornelsen took that as an opportunity to sign a contract with Unibanco, one of the best performing firms at the time.

This professional had become experienced in this sector, and by the time Libra Bank PLC approached him, he quickly accepted the offer. Working for this company turned out to be the best decision he’s ever made as his salary rose significantly.

Igor Cornelsen was able to start investing through buying stocks from various establishments. He later quit and started his company which offers investment solutions to clients. Currently, this investment banker also works as a consultant for new businesses.

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