Other artists can emulate Alex Pall and achieve success

The music industry is not easy to achieve success, and if you are not dedicated, you can be frustrated and quit. Those starting their music career can learn from some of the most successful individuals in the music industry who started from a humble background, but they have ended up becoming great. An example is the Chainsmokers bad which consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Beginning in 2014, they have achieved a lot in the musical journey with songs life Selfie attracting a massive following from interested fans. They have also drawn some of the big names in the industry like Halsey who they featured in a track called ‘Closer.’

It is a track that features the talented Andrew Taggart unlike the past songs like Don’t Let Me Down and Roses. Taggart has been branded as a participant with talent. He is an artist who can sing to the crowd even when he is alone. Alex Pall and Andrew have been writing their unique songs and personalizing them through dance. They do this because their primary aim is to offer the best to their fans and they also want to attract international recognition. They know there are other famous musicians too, but they want to stand out from the crowd by offering not unique but outstanding music to their fans worldwide. That is why they have been incorporating human elements when entertaining the crowd.

Alex Pall is a lover of music, and it started when he was working as a part-time DJ during the night and undertaking his professional job during the day. Being a DJ was his hobby when he was growing up, and he had developed some skills that he would use later to earn some additional income. He was working on different night gigs in New York City at the same time concentrating on his successful career where he was working for an art gallery. But he was passionate about pursuing his music dreams, and soon he quit his job to pursue music on a full-time basis. It is after he met another talented guy with similar visions called Andrew Taggart.


Alex Pall Discusses His Target Audience

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have transcended what it means to be a production team. Most production teams never see fame, merely existing in the music industry as other people benefit from their musical creations. As soon as the first song was released from The Chainsmokers, the group that consists of Pall and Taggart, everyone knew that they were something special.


The song “Closer” further cemented The Chainsmokers into legendary status. Despite their success, even as a production duo, The Chainsmokers wanted more. So with “Closer,” a dramatic change was made to the team: Andrew Taggart started singing.


Alongside Halsey, Taggart performed a heartfelt duet about two young adults who had just moved away together. The song reflects the current status of many young people in America, so it is no wonder it has accumulated over 2 billion views on Youtube. The song is complimented by visuals consisting of lyrics on screen and visualizations that enhance the song.

After “Closer” hit airwaves, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had an interview where they discussed their fans, their music, and their future.

Alex Pall talked about how The Chainsmokers are able to relate to their fans, directly attributing Instagram for the ease of communication. As most already know, Instagram is all about sharing pictures and short videos. This allows Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to know exactly who their fan base is. Dance music attracts a typical crowd, but due to their hard work, The Chainsmokers have been able to branch out.

“We’re seeing places like the Philippines and South Africa,” said Pall in regards to where their fans are located at. He also explained that they do best between the ages of 16 and 25, like most dance music, but they also have a fan base that consists of people under 16 and people over 25. Surprisingly, Pall says that their fan base is pretty split between girls and guys.


The success of Clayton Hutson

When Clayton Hutson was growing up, he practiced playing music day and night because he liked it. He ended up getting to a point where he could play a variety of instruments never missing a beat. Eventually, he acquired enough knowledge about the music industry including creating a successful concert with special effets and how to manage a tour. Clayton has become one of the most reliable tour managers and music producers in the industry using his skills in sound engineering, stage management, and tour management to help some extremely famous musicians stay successful.


One of the ways Clayton has managed to become such a successful tour manager is by sticking with quality brands, DiGiCo is his preference. He was assisting Marilyn Manson on a tour about a decade ago, while on this tour he decided to use the very first hand-built D5 system from DiGiCo. He knew he was taking a risk, but when the time came to use it, things went wonderfully. Since then, he has used numerous DiGiCo products including SD8s, SD7s, and his most recent favorite is DiGiCos SD 11. The SD 11 is capable of being mounted or just placed on a table, small enough to carry around with little effort, and delivers surprisingly high-quality performance for the size and price. The SD 11 is the perfect tool for the job in Clayton’s eyes.  Learn more: http://fohonline.com/news/17024-ver-drives-onerepublic’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html


Before his tour with Marilyn Manson came about, he was employed by a recruiting production manager Billy Graham because of his bachelor’s degree in Theater Design and Production. Billy had an enormous four-day crusade in Nashville bringing over 225,000 people, which Clayton had the pleasure of operating the controls behind the scenes. It was after that event that Marilyn Manson came to Clayton to help Mason on his tour. Manson’s tour had 180 concert dates, and once that tour was finished being an amazing success, Clayton Hutson had a reputation established, and everyone wanted him.


So to sum it all up, Clayton Hutson has become one of the best sound engineers, stage managers, and tour managers around. He has contributed to musicians like Stained, Alice in Chains, pink, and even Kanye West. He is truly remarkable and credible as a musical engineer and there are many reasons famous artists all around go to him to help on their tours, Clayton Hutson is the best.