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Securus Technologies is a company in the United States and as prison based. Dallas was its headquarter and it began in the year 1986. It introduced a contraband cellphones control systems. In 2016 the company combined with Harris Corporation on a technology of cell defender. In 2017, Wireless Containment Solution was announced by the company. It was started to stop contraband cell phones from being connected to mobile networks. In November 2017, it was reported by the company that 1.7 million prison’s inmate calls had been blocked by Wireless Containment solution system.

Robert Johnson worked in Lee Correctional Institution, founded in South Carolina. For 15years he was in corrections and he mainly confiscated contrabands. Johnson said that it endangered the community to have inmates who accessed cellphones. Florida paid to international winners lottery jackpots for people who purchased their permits online. Johnson testified in March, in a hearing on the issue of controlling prison’s contraband cellphones before the commission of Federal Communications. Many of those who worked in corrections considered it as a top security peril.

The FCC regulated the cellphone provider’s airwaves. There existed a law of the federal that restricted jamming of signals or blocked them completely. Turning to a more selective technology was what was done by most states like Florida. Securus Technologies had a contract in Florida which gave paid calls to prison’s inmates. It used the Wireless Containment System which stopped cell phone calls from inmates. A spokesman for Securus said that they had factually put a network for the cell phone. When the phone was attached to a network and dialed a number they got to choose what they were to do per that number.

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Incidents like burglary were what made Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions to be designed in such a way as to detect as well as prevent. FCC voted to access interdiction technology for contraband by streamlining correctional facilities process. Robert Johnson from South Carolina, the former corrections officer said he had told Daily Caller in the past week that Securus WCS operated firsthand and alleged it was the utmost effective way of having the public harmless. Securus unconfined Wireless Containment Solution data collected which demonstrated the technology’s efficacy and severity of the problem of the contraband cellphone in their country.

More than 1.7 million attempts of illegal communication were detected and barred by Securus’ WCS in eight correctional facilities in U.S. Smith said that Securus had invested more than $40 million and continued to be the utmost effective ways of reducing cellphones of contrabands in their nation’s facilities of correction, by developing a proven solution.


Securus Technologies: Offering Monitoring And Communication Systems In Prisons Across America

Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in prison communication services. The company offers a range of voice and video calling services to inmates across the country. Securus Technologies is also one of the most sought-after prison communications providers and tries its best to stay at the top of the competition.


In addition to communication services, Securus Technologies also carries out the monitoring of inmates inside the facilities that they are tied up with. Because communication services can be misused to communicate criminal activity, Securus Technologies saw it necessary to include a system that could help prevent this misuse. The company decided to employ a specialized staff of people who would listen to all the calls going through the lines, and report them if they come across any suspicious activity. The company has been incredibly successful in implementing this system, and have brought justice to several criminals who have been engaged in this kind of communications. The monitoring that the company has set in place have been so efficient that more and more prisons are now opting to go in for the technology that Securus Technologies provides. The monitoring systems are a great way to keep a closer watch on the inmates more efficiently.


Prisons always have an imminent problem of contraband, mainly cellphones turning up with the inmates. Inmates who have these contraband on them usually are the ones who engage in criminal activity inside the prisons, or in collaboration with people on the outside. There have been several cases where inmates have coordinated an illegal activity with their allies on the outside using a cellphone that wasn’t permitted inside the prison premises. To take care of this issue, Securus Technologies decided to implement something that no other communications company has done in the past. The company decided to set up network jammers in all the prisons that they are functional in. These little devices block out cell phone reception, making it so that no other cellular provider will be able to reach these inmates, preventing them from making calls. This makes having a cell phone on them utterly pointless, which can contribute to reducing the number of cellphones that inmates try to sneak into the prisons.


With the efforts that Securus Technologies is making, it is evident that they are trying to maintain public safety in the best way that they can. The implementation of the different systems and technology in the prisons is not only letting inmates keep in touch with their families and friends in a safe and regulated way, but is also preventing them from making impermissible calls for anything that is considered illegal by law. The company aims to continue developing the technology that they use and is trying to continually improve to be the preferred inmate communications provider in the country.