James Dondero and his spiritual vision

If you happen to see some positive changes in the Dallas, Texas area, then some of the reason behind the change is certainly James Dondero, the co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management, LP which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Besides being a successful businessman, he has never turned himself away from giving back to the community and bringing out some revolutionary changes in the society. Even though he is an extremely busy individual due to his business demands, he makes an honest effort to take time out for his philanthropic activities. One of the reasons for his dedication is to ensure that Dallas becomes a model of an example where people could live happily and create some memories with their friends and family. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

One of his most successful noble ventures was the restoration of the hippo habitat in the Dallas region. Back in the early 2000s, the Dallas Zoo management decided to shut down the habitat due to the demise of an elderly hippo which caused not only anger but also disappointment in the hearts of people living in the region. In those days, the hippo habitat was one of the places where families would flock in to get a glimpse of their favorite animal and spend the weekends with their loved ones. Even after repeated requests by the people towards the zoo management, it did not yield any positive results. But as soon as this came to the attention of Mr. Dondero, he was quick enough to lead the race and contributed a million dollars of his own money towards the cause.

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Due to the kind contributions made by Mr. Dondero, the zoo management went ahead with the restoration of the habitat in the zoo which resulted in more number of visitors to the area. This paved an end to the long wait that the people of Dallas have been waiting to come back to the zoo again. With these kinds of noble efforts, it would not be erroneous to say that Mr. James Dondero indeed has a spiritual passion for the city and its residents. Hence, he is considered as a rarity. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.com.

Jim Toner’s Guide to Successful Entrepreneurship

The past two decades have not been any easier for average Americans, and things seem to be getting even worse. Economic recessions, real estate market crash, and the volatility in market trends have crumbled too many dreams. The loss to millions of Americans has become perennial, and when they lose their retirement benefits in the housing market, hopelessness becomes the order of the day. However, according to Jim Toner, the real estate market was and has always been okay; it is the misguided and poorly executed decisions that people have been making.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner is among the most accomplished entrepreneur who truly knows how to go about real estate investment. To say that he has come a long way before reaching the peak of his career in the 25 years that he has been investing in real estate is an understatement. He has gone through severe misfortune, which kept crippling his efforts every time he made a breakthrough. But as bad as it was, Jim Toner learned the hard way and was able to take control and created an emperor for himself. While at his lowest point, he thought that real estate business is too much of a risk. After learning that lack of adequate knowledge and the certain skill set were the main causes of his perpetual failures, he was up for the challenge, and it took him long to painstakingly gather all the required skills and knowledge that was necessary to capitalize in this potentially profitable industry.

Besides knowledge, Jim Toner believes that fear is a great inhibitor to making sound judgment and taking necessary steps when it comes to real estate investments. According to Jim, faint-heartedness has no place in the industry. Another important and very instrumental aspect is the attitude. Fear and attitude determine the kind of decision someone makes. They also determine the time someone takes to make up his mind, which is imperative when it comes to growing wealth and risking more money in the real estate.

While it is natural to blame the real estate for some of the financial crisis that has ever happened in the United States according to Affiliate Dork, Jim insists that poor decisions, just like the ones he used to make back then, caused the crash. The market is controlled by forces that are direct results of people’s decisions. For instance, when people copy each other on a certain decision, it creates a huge demand in the market causing prices to gallop. But at the end of the day, people will blame the market instead of themselves.

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Bruno Fagali: How To Get A Reputable Lawyer In Brazil

Looking for a reputable attorney in Brazil? If you are facing a tough legal matter in Brazil, you need to get in touch with Bruno Fagali for expert assistance will ensure a great outcome.

There are many law groups and attorneys to choose from. It is extremely important to hire a law firm or attorney that has vast experience in the type of issue you’re facing. Many lawyers are available to handle personal or business legal matters. Do you want to hire an attorneys that offers outstanding service to clients? Perhaps you are researching Administrative law attorneys in Brazil.

Bruno addresses a wide variety of legal issues for clients. Bruno handles issues pertaining to Regulatory Law, Compliance, Urban Law, Ethics and Administrative Law and comes highly recommended.

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You should also consider getting a lawyer that is familiar with the rules and regulations of your industry. Care should also be taken to hire a lawyer with expertise in the particular field of law you are dealing with. If your company or organization is anticipating a lawsuit or other legal challenges, then it makes sense to retain a business or corporate attorney.

Having a highly experienced attorney by your side, will give you the assurance that your case will be addressed appropriately. Having a competent attorney is crucial when you are dealing with a complex legal matter. Whether you find yourself in a dispute situation, or you are having problems satisfying the legal requirements of your industry, an experienced attorney like Bruno can help protect your interests and ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Every day, many businesses and corporations encounter all sorts of legal situations that require the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney. Top companies and professionals in Brazil turn to Bruno Fagali for representation or advice.

Bruno Fagali is committed to getting the best possible result for his clients. Bruno Fagali is a renowned attorney and he is one of the top attorneys in Brazil. He will work closely with you to address the matter for you or your organization. He founded Fagali Advocacy.

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Rocketship Education: Here Are Some Key Things To Know About This Chapter School.

The California-based Public Charter School, Rocketship Education was cofounded by Preston Smith. Rocketship Education, which is based in California, is a network of schools. Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006. California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C are schools locations in the United States that Rocketship Education supports.

Preston Smith began his professional career as a teacher, then became a principal later in his career. Preston lives with his wife and his two children in San Jose, CA. Preston Smith and his wife chose Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep for their kids to attend.

Although there have been articles published over the years that looked at Rocketship education as a company, and not a non-profit educational institution, Rocketship’s goal is to end the gap in educational achievement in their lifetime. Rocketship Education is driven to reevaluate elementary education. There have been many contributions and key roles of their 30 plus analysts and graduate peers. Rocketship has been able to grow its operations and hit many of its goals based on the plans of their CEO, Preston Smith, and its co-founder.

Rocketship has been astute in its handling of financial data concerning their annual budgets and its cash flows. Rocketship has also focused on new sites for their schools, which is a positive thing because Rocketship can provide essential support for new communities. Preston Smith and his staff can offer their educational values and curriculum for many more people.

But, critics of Rocketship Education — specifically, some journalists, have written news pieces that have labeled Preston Smith’s Rocketship Education as a “company.” This controversial element concerning Rocketship’s label as a for-profit business has been a repeated description by some critics.

This word choice of “company” is a sensitive issue in the world of institutional education. Accusations of Rocketship Education being a commercial or privatization-oriented entity is nothing new when it comes to criticism. In Rocketship Education’s case, journalists who are going to review Preston Smith’s charter schools should use neutral terms like nonprofit or organization to label Rocketship, but for some reason, their critics just won’t.

Talk Fusion launches a new app to increase on communication networks

Talk Fusion is a new invention that will help business people and entrepreneurs across the world increase their sales. The company provides an avenue for entrepreneurs and marketers to promote their products using short videos. The videos are shared on the internet and can be accessed by many people at any given time. Presently, Talk Fusion is available in over 140 countries across the world and continues to invent new communication channel.

With its recent expansion, Talk Fusion has added the video chat option to its app. The new app is available on iTunes and Google Play Store with enhanced features that allow you to make more out of the competitive business world. The app runs virtually on all operating systems thus making it more accessible to the public. The first product that was launched by Talk Fusion was the Video email. Here, the feature allows companies and customers to interact by exchanging information at the tap of the button.

The Video email enables companies to personalize specific messages targeting clients thus making the message easily understood. The new app enables users to send videos directly to marketers, and people can upload live or recorded videos. It also enables the user to edit and add information that might be useful to the company targeted.

Bob Reina is an authority in network marketing globally. Many people follow him because of his marketing expertise, winning mindset, and keen work ethics. His Facebook Live platform has also encouraged many entrepreneurs. Bob is committed to lifting people up., from being just an average marketer to being a high profile marketer. Talk Fusion door are open for whoever wants to make some extra cash.

About Talk Fusion

Bob Reina the Chief Executive Officer and President at Talk Fusion has a long and successful story in both business and career. Bob was a police officer before he started getting involved in multi-level marketing. In early 1990’s, he entered network marketing and stated building his skills.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina the CEO and Founder. It is an all-in-one marketing tool that enables the business to increase sales by reaching out to potential customers. The video marketing is more engaging compared to other means of advertising. Talk Fusion has innovative products that you can get for free with a 30-day trial version. You can go ahead and buy the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution after the expiry of the trial period if you find it suitable.


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Alex Pall Discusses His Target Audience

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have transcended what it means to be a production team. Most production teams never see fame, merely existing in the music industry as other people benefit from their musical creations. As soon as the first song was released from The Chainsmokers, the group that consists of Pall and Taggart, everyone knew that they were something special.


The song “Closer” further cemented The Chainsmokers into legendary status. Despite their success, even as a production duo, The Chainsmokers wanted more. So with “Closer,” a dramatic change was made to the team: Andrew Taggart started singing.


Alongside Halsey, Taggart performed a heartfelt duet about two young adults who had just moved away together. The song reflects the current status of many young people in America, so it is no wonder it has accumulated over 2 billion views on Youtube. The song is complimented by visuals consisting of lyrics on screen and visualizations that enhance the song.

After “Closer” hit airwaves, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had an interview where they discussed their fans, their music, and their future.

Alex Pall talked about how The Chainsmokers are able to relate to their fans, directly attributing Instagram for the ease of communication. As most already know, Instagram is all about sharing pictures and short videos. This allows Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to know exactly who their fan base is. Dance music attracts a typical crowd, but due to their hard work, The Chainsmokers have been able to branch out.

“We’re seeing places like the Philippines and South Africa,” said Pall in regards to where their fans are located at. He also explained that they do best between the ages of 16 and 25, like most dance music, but they also have a fan base that consists of people under 16 and people over 25. Surprisingly, Pall says that their fan base is pretty split between girls and guys.


King of medical IT space, Drew Madden, discusses how to fix bloat-ravaged healthcare system

Drew Madden has dedicated his life to helping hospitals and other medical services providers to streamline and digitize their processes, delivering more effective and less costly medical care as a result. But after years in the trenches, seeing, first hand, the waste and bloat that characterizes the clumsy U.S. healthcare system, Madden decided that he needed to scrap everything he was working on a build his own consultancy firm from the ground up.

The result was Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare IT consultancy dedicated to helping shape medical technologies and the healthcare professionals that use it into a finely oiled machine that is capable of delivering world-class medical care. The fundamental problem in the way that the medical technology field was approaching its duties, according to Madden, had long been that it was so tech-centric that it failed to note the most important cogs in the healthcare machine: the people who deliver the care.

Drew Madden realized that the scope and effectiveness of the software solutions available to medical practices had effectively reached a level where further improvement was no longer necessary by the late 2000s. What Madden identified as being two of the most pressing concerns for the future of U.S. healthcare were the user interfaces and overall user experience between medical software and medical professionals as well as the total elimination of cross-system compatibility issues.

The only area where Madden sees further improvement in the capabilities of medical technology itself is in the area of consumer-facing intelligence platforms. Madden likes to quip that it is orders of magnitude easier to make an informed decision about where to get a hamburger than it is about where to get hip replacement surgery. He cites real-world examples where a given surgery costs $30,000 in one location and precisely the same operation, at a facility just a few miles away, costs over $70,000. He says that if market inefficiencies this gaping existed in literally any other market, they would quickly be arbitraged away within hours. But the U.S. medical field is so oblique and byzantine that $40,000 differences in price over a few miles not only exist, they are, in fact, common.

The Chainsmokers Are Smoking Hot

The Chainsmokers consist of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall and are burning up the Billboard’s new Dance 100 list. The duo formed in 2012 in New York City and began playing remixes of indie music. In 2014 they performed live for the first time at Terminal 5. Their music has been met with mixed reviews but their sound is always distinct and unique. The band has listed various artists for giving them inspiration which include Blink-182, Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams. One of their more recent collaborations was released as a video in February 2018. The video starts out pleasant and almost serene as we hear the artists singing in a homelike atmosphere. But keep watching and you’ll never forget the ending and will probably have a hard time seeing the characters in the same aforementioned light. It reminded me of the first time Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released on video. It has two completely different feelings, calm in the beginning and mesmerizing and terrifying in the end. In March of this year, the group was honored for their accomplishments at the iHeart Radio Awards. They received Best Collaboration, Dance Artist of the Year and Dance Album of the Year. The ASCAP Pop Music Awards, nominated and awarded the Chainsmokers with the Most Performed Song of the year. The duo performed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where the crowd was unexpectedly surprised with the additional performance of Halsey. They currently have had two songs that have gotten one billion streams on Spotify. The Chainsmokers are smoking their competition on the charts and are always keeping their fans guessing as what their next collaboration will be. They may have been under the radar when they began their career but they are definitely seen and heard when it comes to the music industry.



Michael Lacey-The Mathematics Promoter

Michael Lacey career path is bright having graduated from Texas University and later progressed to Ph.D. from Illinois-Champaign University. Becoming a professor and mentor is mathematics. He teaches mathematics at the Georgia Institutes of Technology and he boasts of having over 100 publications on his own and others with collaboration with other mathematics professors. Michael Lacey born in 1956 September 26th in America prides in being genius on math subject, and during his doctorate thesis, he managed to solve the problematic iterated logarithm of law for the characteristics of the empirical functions. The solution to this problem was under the Banach spaces and directly linked to the topic of probability that is shunned away by students. He later proved his love for math by working on the probability of ergodic theory dealing with its significant area of the harmonic analysis.


Michael Lacey first workstation was at North Carolina University at the Chapel Hill, and later he moved to the University of the Louisiana State. During his working time, Michael connected with Walter Philip, and the duo managed to get evidence and possible ways of solving the central limit theorem and it was a definite win. Michael Lacey pursued his fellowship while still lecturing at Indiana University and received his postal doctorate fellow in 1996. And during his studies he researched more on the bilinear Hilbert’s transforms. Coincidently the transform was at a standstill with a different mathematician Albert Calderon, and in 1996 Christoph Thiele and Lacey solved this hard transform and awarded the generous Salem Prize.


Michael Lacey loves lecturing, and he mixes practical and theory explainer to give his students a more natural way of understanding the subject. He is senior math lecturer at Georgia Institutions of Technology, and in 2004 together with Xiaochun Li, they were awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2012 Michael Lacey became part of the esteemed American Mathematical Society playing a prominent role in sponsoring students who are keen on pursuing math as a career. The society has a group of professional mathematicians with common agenda of researching on mathematical formulas and other scholarships that serves the interest of the world through their publications advocacy and journals.


Michael Lacey also has a privilege of writing various books that are well featured in the market and gives a clear guide on the subject of math. Additionally, Lacey has authored many mathematics and physics articles and directed various training grants like VIGRE Awards and the MCTP.

Louis Chênevert Working His Way Up the Ladder

Louis Chênevert is a successful businessman who, beginning at a very young age, realized that he had an interest in the world of business. Early on he also knew and understood that in order to be successful he would have to have a serious dedication to hard work.

After completely high school, Chênevert attended the University of Montréal where he studied production management. At the time, Chênevert’s ultimate goal was to help be an integral part of a business’s success and studying production management would give him the qualifications necessary to meet that goal. In his studies to become production manager, Chênevert learned how to ensure that quality products were being produced in the proper quantities all while trying to keep costs down, all of which are critical to a business’s success.

The first job that Louis Chênevert had after completely college was with General Motors where he was put in control of the assembly line. Chênervert held a number of positions with General Motors for over 14 years before he decided to switch career paths. In 1993, Chênevert joined the aerospace industry at Pratt & Whitney Canada, a smaller division of the larger company Pratt & Whitney, which is a company that specializes in aircraft engine manufacturing. After working for three years at Pratt & Whitney Canada, Chênevert became the executive vice president for operations of the larger company Pratt & Whitney. In just three more years’ time, Chênevert became the President of the company and is credited with making the struggling company profitable.

During his time at Pratt & Whitney, Chênevert had the realization that the geared turbofan (GTF) engine had the potential to be revolutionary in the aerospace industry. However, he put this thought into the back of his mind and he continued to work his way up the leadership chain. In 2006, he became the chairman of corporation and a director at United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and in 2008 he became the chief executive officer and president of the company. It was at this point that Chênevert decided to pitch his idea about the GTF engine to United Technologies Corporation, who has been dedicated to its development and improvement ever since.

Louis Chênevert retired in 2014, but, has been credited with a number of success United Technologies Corporation has seen. For example, because of him, UTC signed a $240 million-dollar contract with the United States Navy and, as of the time he retired in 2014, UTC’s stock had raised from $37 per share to $117 per share. There is no doubt that Chênevert’s realization that he would have to work hard played into the amount of success he saw throughout his career.