The Trabuco; An Ancient Siege Master

Designed to fling large weights in enemy walls and fortifications, the Trabuco was the perfect siege machine demolishing and collapsing fortress structures by five hits. Though history debates about its origin, the Chinese are the people who discovered the Trabuco. It could hurl 140 kilograms of weights at high speeds over a distance of 800 meters.

Working in the same way as an improved sling, the structure is composed of a long piece of wood levered on a motor. The sling was tied to the extended part of the lever, while a stabilizer would hold firm the shorter side. For it to have more power, people would pull strings attached to the weight. It required about 250 individuals to operate a Trabuco which necessitated developments.

From Asia, the Trabuco entered Europe and was greatly used during crusades. It was the Vikings who used it first before it got to Germany and later France when the Vikings attacked Paris. For over 700 years, the Trabuco was a feared war machine as it terrorized opponents by firing projectiles. The Arabs modified it, giving it more stability and capacity to throw over a ton of weight in the 13 century according to They added weight on the lever increasing the distance of projectiles.


Apart from throwing stones, the Trabuco was one of the first machines to be used for chemical warfare. During the Middle Ages, it would be loaded with sick animals and dead human beings, who would be thrown into sieged enemies. The animals would spread the diseases and war would be won.

The last known warfare involving the Trabuco was by Herman Cortez when he conquered the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan according to It is thought that he lacked gunpowder which by then had been discovered and opted to use the Trabuco. In 1779, British troops constructed a Trabuco when they had limited firearms in defending the Strait of Gibraltar against Spain. The Trabuco was outdated after the discovery of cannons and gunpowder.

In 2013, rebel troops in Syria Civil War were recorded using a counterweight Trabuco in defence against government troops projecting explosives at police. Again, during the anti-protest laws in Ukraine, people used Trabuco to fire Molotov cocktails and bricks. Apart from these two cases, Trabuco is often found built by hobbyists and medieval connoisseurs.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is On A Massive Charter School Mission

Being a billionaire, philanthropist, and the Secretary of Education may sound like the ingredients for getting things done in Washington. But Betsy DeVos knows that’s not the case. Being in the Trump administration can feel like you are on a political island, and no one else is on the same island. Betsy DeVos mission is to make the charter school system the best education system in the world. But her opponents say she is trying to turn the school system into a capitalistic endeavor where investors reap the rewards, and the students act like lab mice. The people in Michigan know what Betsy is capable of doing. She’s a fighter that doesn’t back down. Even when the tide of public opinion is making it hard for her to do her job, she doesn’t give up and Trump, in his own curious way, is standing behind her.



There’s little doubt. The public school system needs an injection of innovation and creativity in order to produce capable minds that will be able to keep America on top of STEM initiatives that countries around the world are building their future hopes on. Betsy believes her push to make charter and private schools available to all students regardless of social status will produce the results the country needs. But not everyone thinks she knows what she’s doing. A recent 60 Minutes interview didn’t go well for DeVos. When Lesley Stahl asked her about the public schools’ performance in Michigan after her charter school program was up and running there, she couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the question. Stahl knew the public school scores were still nothing to cheer about even though DeVos claims charter schools help private schools do better in reading and math as well as other subjects.



DeVos came out fighting the day after the 60 Minutes interview. Betsy said the program’s editing didn’t do her mission justice. The court of public opinion believes DeVos doesn’t have the background or the knowledge to be an effective Education Secretary. But Betsy still has thousands of supporters who think like she does. Her supporters know DeVos is a fighter who won’t back down just because the 60 Minutes Interview was a train wreck. Her fans know she will continue to travel around the country visiting schools and giving speeches. Those visits and speeches give people hope, and they allow people to see DeVos as more than a billionaire Republican donor who, as some detractors say, bought her way into the current administration.



Her first year in office was not what DeVos thought it would be, but she believes she is making progress. And the people who work with her say the same thing. Betsy may have an image problem now, but according to a New York Times article Betsy knows how to play politics and she is good at it. She is a serious threat to the public school status quo. The media likes to make fun of Betsy. DeVos thinks that’s okay because what she is doing is bigger than one interview. But she does admit that interview did make her look unprepared to answer questions and unprepared to do her job.


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Information about Securus technologies wireless.

Securus Technologies is a company in the United States and as prison based. Dallas was its headquarter and it began in the year 1986. It introduced a contraband cellphones control systems. In 2016 the company combined with Harris Corporation on a technology of cell defender. In 2017, Wireless Containment Solution was announced by the company. It was started to stop contraband cell phones from being connected to mobile networks. In November 2017, it was reported by the company that 1.7 million prison’s inmate calls had been blocked by Wireless Containment solution system.

Robert Johnson worked in Lee Correctional Institution, founded in South Carolina. For 15years he was in corrections and he mainly confiscated contrabands. Johnson said that it endangered the community to have inmates who accessed cellphones. Florida paid to international winners lottery jackpots for people who purchased their permits online. Johnson testified in March, in a hearing on the issue of controlling prison’s contraband cellphones before the commission of Federal Communications. Many of those who worked in corrections considered it as a top security peril.

The FCC regulated the cellphone provider’s airwaves. There existed a law of the federal that restricted jamming of signals or blocked them completely. Turning to a more selective technology was what was done by most states like Florida. Securus Technologies had a contract in Florida which gave paid calls to prison’s inmates. It used the Wireless Containment System which stopped cell phone calls from inmates. A spokesman for Securus said that they had factually put a network for the cell phone. When the phone was attached to a network and dialed a number they got to choose what they were to do per that number.

Information on Securus Wireless Containment Systems in PR Newswire.

Incidents like burglary were what made Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions to be designed in such a way as to detect as well as prevent. FCC voted to access interdiction technology for contraband by streamlining correctional facilities process. Robert Johnson from South Carolina, the former corrections officer said he had told Daily Caller in the past week that Securus WCS operated firsthand and alleged it was the utmost effective way of having the public harmless. Securus unconfined Wireless Containment Solution data collected which demonstrated the technology’s efficacy and severity of the problem of the contraband cellphone in their country.

More than 1.7 million attempts of illegal communication were detected and barred by Securus’ WCS in eight correctional facilities in U.S. Smith said that Securus had invested more than $40 million and continued to be the utmost effective ways of reducing cellphones of contrabands in their nation’s facilities of correction, by developing a proven solution.


The success of Clayton Hutson

When Clayton Hutson was growing up, he practiced playing music day and night because he liked it. He ended up getting to a point where he could play a variety of instruments never missing a beat. Eventually, he acquired enough knowledge about the music industry including creating a successful concert with special effets and how to manage a tour. Clayton has become one of the most reliable tour managers and music producers in the industry using his skills in sound engineering, stage management, and tour management to help some extremely famous musicians stay successful.


One of the ways Clayton has managed to become such a successful tour manager is by sticking with quality brands, DiGiCo is his preference. He was assisting Marilyn Manson on a tour about a decade ago, while on this tour he decided to use the very first hand-built D5 system from DiGiCo. He knew he was taking a risk, but when the time came to use it, things went wonderfully. Since then, he has used numerous DiGiCo products including SD8s, SD7s, and his most recent favorite is DiGiCos SD 11. The SD 11 is capable of being mounted or just placed on a table, small enough to carry around with little effort, and delivers surprisingly high-quality performance for the size and price. The SD 11 is the perfect tool for the job in Clayton’s eyes.  Learn more:’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html


Before his tour with Marilyn Manson came about, he was employed by a recruiting production manager Billy Graham because of his bachelor’s degree in Theater Design and Production. Billy had an enormous four-day crusade in Nashville bringing over 225,000 people, which Clayton had the pleasure of operating the controls behind the scenes. It was after that event that Marilyn Manson came to Clayton to help Mason on his tour. Manson’s tour had 180 concert dates, and once that tour was finished being an amazing success, Clayton Hutson had a reputation established, and everyone wanted him.


So to sum it all up, Clayton Hutson has become one of the best sound engineers, stage managers, and tour managers around. He has contributed to musicians like Stained, Alice in Chains, pink, and even Kanye West. He is truly remarkable and credible as a musical engineer and there are many reasons famous artists all around go to him to help on their tours, Clayton Hutson is the best.

Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC

DAMAC Properties are 5 star luxury living properties in Dubai. Every development that DAMAC develops, the theme is pure luxury. Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC Owner. The DAMAC Group also include the high end and extremely luxurious DAMAC Resorts. The DAMAC Hills are an over 40 million square foot string of villas, mansion branded to the company and apartment buildings just to name a few. DAMAC Hills was built around the 18-hole and beautiful Donald Trump International Gold Club Dubai. This was years before Donald Trump became president.


DAMAC Properties began in the year 2002. As most do, Mr. Sajwani drew strength from the Hussain Sajwani family. He has a wife and four children that provided him with great inspiration for the major moves being made by the great Hussain Sajwani billionaire. Hussain Sajwani is a family man and he loves to give back on the DAMAC Group’s food arm. He and his company worked with military Americans worldwide. The work was done during Desert Storm in 1991 to deliver food.


Mr. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington. His first job was a Contract Manager for an oil company. His own catering journey began in 1982. Every great entrepreneurial mind will churn for hour days, month, maybe even years before they eventually make a major change in the world. He had the idea to collaborate and to be one of the first to expand the property market in Dubai. In 2002 DAMAC Properties were born.


Growth for the company is due to Mr. Sajwani’s ability to see what will and or will not happen. Billionaires are not created off of the incorrect mindset. The money may come in hereditarily, yet you have to have the highest money mindset compared to even millionaires. Mr. Sajwani made his way from college with a vision. They have daily prayer time. One must uphold the day to day functionality of the corporation. The Tiger Woods golf course will be managed by the Trump Organization, yet it all sits on DAMAC Properties. Constant moves are called business.


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Matthew Autterson and The Remarkable Growth of His Business Career and Non-Profit Work

There are numerous and usually disparate characteristics of what makes a top-notch, inspiring and unapologetically courageous business leader today. One of the most successful business leaders today whose success in the industry is legendary among his peers is Matthew Autterson, the Board of Directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Let’s read more below to know how he got to his unbelievably successful status today.



The Finance Man



It may be easy to track down the various factors that make up the success of Matthew Autterson by starting with where he went to school. Mr. Autterson was privileged enough to graduate from the Michigan State University majoring in B.A. Finance, which he finished in the 1980s. He was also talented enough to pass graduate studies and finish his graduate programs at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. Combining his knowledge on tax programs and how embezzlement in the tax codes works, he dedicated his skills to helping companies such as First Trust Corporation and Resources Trust Company to reach their business goals.



Sure enough, Autterson gained success from such endeavors. Seeking more thrills in the world of finance, he went to join Integrated Resources, Inc, and in 1986 he became the President of Resources Trust Company. All of these companies have emboldened his skillset and made sure that he has more to offer to companies and the society.



The Decision to Start A Non-Profit



After pushing for his finance career in companies like SunAmerica, Inc, and AIG, and helping companies reach a profit of more than 18 billion dollars, it may now be easy to say that Matthew Autterson is ready to do more. Because of this, he went on to establish the Falci Adaptive Biosystems, which is a non-profit organization that helps people with neuromotor abilities to increase their standards of living and to give them least close to the advantages that ordinary people experience.



Social Media Interests



We probably no longer have people today who have no social media presence. The social media phenomenon doesn’t exclude Matthew Autterson. In his Twitter, he shares a lot of posts about how various groups have been helping improve the cultural landscape of their area. One post of his was about the New York Times report about how people were trying to protect the artworks of Andy Warhol from the various quake, fire, and flood that threaten them. View Related Info Here.



You can also read from Matthew Autterson’s Twitter page some of the New York Times reports about the Equifax Data Breach.


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Strong Production in 2017 Makes Obsidian Energy Ltd Attractive to Energy Investors

Based in Calgary, Alberta Obsidian Energy Ltd. has been a leader in western Canada’s oil and gas extraction. Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, the company reached $9.5 Billion USD market capitalization in 2008.


In 2017, Obsidian Energy exceeded their estimated 31,000 barrels of oil extraction per day, averaging 31,700 over the year. The firm noted that issues related to shallow base decline, ongoing waterflood and on target execution of their second half development plan combined to create the exceptional production numbers. These extraction figures hold in spite of unforeseen downtime that resulted from the adverse cold weather interfering with drilling activities in December.


The company announced even better output numbers coming into this year, reporting an average of more than 32,000 barrels per day.


President and CEO David French stated that 2017 was an outstanding year for Obsidian, with the company meeting challenges in the volatile currency and commodity markets.


Obsidian’s fossil fuel production relies on three primary locations in Alberta. The Alberta Viking, the Peace River Oil Sands and The Pembina Cardium. The company recorded outstanding output increases from the Willesden Green Cardium Production at figures higher than 30 percent over the previous reporting period.


Investors have benefited greatly from energy sector financial regulations. For instance, Obsidian’s generous annual dividend, paid out monthly, is taxed at the lower rate applicable to capital, rather than the standard dividend rate. Obsidian is considered a trust and its assets are treated as depletable resources, subjecting investors to the lower tax rates. This tax advantage is applicable to all royalty trusts in the United States. See Related Link for additional information.


When combined with the company’s high production rates, the trust assets dividend tax advantage comes as a welcome benefit to the firm’s investors.


The firm is covered by a number of energy financial analysts and firms including Thomas Matthews of Altacorp, Grant Hofer of Barclays, Jason Frew of Credit Suisse, Darren Engels of GMP FirstEnergy and Brian Milne of the National Bank of Canada.


Formerly known as Penn West Petroleum, the company changed its name to Obsidian Energy in June 2017 following the approval of the company’s board of directors and shareholders.


With forward looking statements disclosures applying, Obsidian’s management anticipates another year of strong growth in 2018.


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Obsidian Energy-A Company With Positive Goals

Obsidian Energy is a Oil and Natural Gas mid-size company based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


In 2014 when crude oil prices took a back slide the company ran into some financial and production issues. Over the next two years the company worked tirelessly to recover and were able to pull themselves out of financial debt and restructure their company to one that is now stronger and ready to succeed.


Obsidian Energy was formally known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd., but in 2017 the company officially changed its name to Obsidian Energy. With this name change came other significant changes for the company as well. Obsidian Energy set out to improve their sales, production and commitment to its’ workers, customers and local residents.


This company is located in one of the largest petroleum reserve areas in the world in Alberta and harvest its products from three specific areas: Pembina Cardium, Peace River Oil Sands, and the Alberta Viking.


The company was originally founded in 1979. Now as Obsidian Energy the company employs three hundred employees. David L. French is the President and CEO. He began work with the company in October of 2016.


Obsidian has placed a great emphasis on community and the environment including questions and concerns associated with their work. The company is committed to ensuring their work leaves a minimal impact on the environment. Obsidian Energy also strives to always have clear and honest communications with local residents and anyone who is concerned about the company’s practices and production styles.


Obsidian Energy had a productive year in 2017 while also successfully handling some issues that arose including fluctuating currency values and severe weather which affected production timelines. With the work, and ultimate success of 2017 behind them, Obsidian Energy is heading into 2018 with their eyes on progress and further success. Go To This Page for more information.


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Jed McCaleb’s Take on the Entrepreneur

Throughout his career, Jed McCaleb has built a number of online enterprises from the ground up, that has drastically changed the climate of the online community as a whole. In a recent sit-down, Mr. McCaleb discussed his the personal processes that have helped to keep him productive over the course of his career, as well as the key points that every entrepreneur should utilize on a daily basis. In his latest effort, a company entitled Stellar, he seeks to bridge the longstanding gap between people around the world who are considered to be unbanked, and the traditional banking outlets that, until now, have been unable to properly service their needs.

On a typical day, Mr. McCaleb sections his day off into two separate groups; focus mode and reactive mode. While in “focus mode,” he works on coding and building and while in “reactive mode” he concentrates on the networking aspects of running Stellar. This strategy is completely by design, as it helps to ensure that he can fully utilize his time effectively. While working on any project, Mr. McCaleb concentrates on the big picture regarding his company, in order to ensure that he and his team are consistently building toward the correct goals. While he emphasizes the reality that, as an entrepreneur, failure is a part of the growth process, he tries to limit these failures by always being properly prepared for the future.

Aside from dedicating the majority of his time to the development of Stellar, Jed McCaleb has spent a significant amount of time helping to research and develop the growing technology, artificial intelligence. He admits that the prospects connected to A.I. are almost limitless, and although this gives him a great deal of excitement, he is well aware that there are also a number of terrifying aspects associated with the technology. Since partnering with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, where he acts an advisor, he has helped to build tools that he believes will significantly impact the overall trajectory of the world’s population. He estimates that over the next twenty years, the world will experience a number of changes regarding overall efficiency, that will impact the populace in a manner that rivals major movements, such as the agricultural revolution.

AvaTrade Review: Developing Consistent Results In Stock Trading Online

There are a lot of ways that trading online is optimized by AvaTrade. They have been reliable industry leaders for more than ten years and are revolutionizing the way that stock trading takes place online. Since there are so many beneficial results that can be seen in their software, customer service as well as standards of operation, it is clear to see that AvaTrade is a great way to trade online.

Some of the customization and solutions that AvaTrade uses include web portals for online access, resources such as tutorials and research software as well as ongoing updates that optimize user experiences. Since there are significantly beneficial outcomes when working with them, it is easy to see that there are a lot of ways that stock trading has been optimized by this innovative company. They have crafted high-quality solutions that are able to address a lot of different aspects of the user experience and design.

AvaTrade prides itself in the highest quality standards of user friendliness and features that provide recurring long term value. There are a lot of ways that AvaTrade is ahead of its time. They utilize MT4 Technology which is state of the art and one of the latest trends. When seeking the highest quality experience online, AvaTrade is able to provide a robust infrastructure that is free from slow or other aspects of poor design. Not only can users of all skill levels easily benefit from the infrastructure, but it is simple and straightforward to get high-quality results when it comes to trading and managing portfolios.

Customer service is another area that AvaTrade excels at. The high quality and consistent results of their multi-lingual support means that businesses and individuals can rely on them. There are more than two hundred thousand people who have had good experiences and returned to use AvaTrade consistently. The exchange processes transactions for two hundred and fifty different kinds of instruments. These account for more than sixty billion dollars or two million transactions every thirty days. There are a lot of good reasons to choose AvaTrade, and it is sure to provide one of the best ways to manage investments online.